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Studio updates.

First post!

Hey everyone!

It’s Ashley here! I am FINALLY starting a blog! I know, I know.. its about time! Well you are right. I was worried about starting a blog because I was not sure I would have enough to talk about, but who are we kidding I can talk all day about photography! Some posts will be short and sweet with not a lot of content and other times you will sick of reading what I have to say. So today will just be an introduction, more about me!

Well my name is Ashley Marie Null and I am a photographer and photojournalist. I went to Photography school at Northern Arizona University with an emphasis in field photography. All of my life I have been that person who always has a camera in her hand and my biggest passion in life is music; mixing the two major loves of my life has brought me here! I am now a freelance concert and event photographer located here in beautiful Flagstaff AZ.

I am a wild child with a hippy side and there is so much to know about me I don’t know where to start! So for the sake of time for my very first blog post, I want you to ask me anything! If you can not comment below go to the contact page and send me a message or e-mail! I will answer all questions and comments!

Thank you for going on this journey with me and supporting me!

Ashley Maire Null